How to stop Claro or Movistar advertising messages

If you have been living for a while in Nicaragua there is one thing it may start annoying you. The dozens of advertising text messages you receive on your smartphone either from Claro or Movistar. How can you stop receiving them?

I know it may seem a silly subject, but if you are here it’s because you had enough of promotional SMS sent by Nicaraguan providers: Claro or Movistar.

I remember at times receiving even 10 or 20 messages per day of promotions, advertising, poems, lottery or just rubbish. I was so used to receive unwanted messages and just ignoring them that once I traveled back to Europe friends and family started to worry because I wasn’t answering to none of them (oh yeah, that was before WhatsApp became popular). In my mind every time I was receiving a SMS I was thinking “Oh it must be one of that rubbish SMS” and just ignoring it, while maybe it was my mum saying that my favorite Passatelli pasta was ready and served on the table with dad waiting.

So you can understand how serious this can become!

What type of messages am I referring to?

The junk messages of the two cellular carrier of Nicaragua may go from offers of the company, like “Hoy Cuadruplica” it means you put 10$ of recarga and you’ll get 40$, to partecipate to some lottery where you can possibly win a Toyota Hi-Lux (watch out it will dry your credit), to receive love songs, magical phrases to conquer a girl or a list of prayers. Well, when I received a promotional SMS from Claro that for only 0.52$ per message I could receive ideas on how to get along well with my suegra (mother in law), I said: “Enough is enough”.

So I started investigate how could I get rid of this annoying ads SMS and eventually I discovered that it was really easy. Now, if you have been looking for information on how to stop receiving promotional text message with Claro or Movistar in Nicaragua here is the magical tip:

Just ask them to do it!

Is that easy? Yes sir, it’s as simple as that. How can you do it?

Let’s see first with Claro.

How to stop Claro unwanted messages

Call 121 the free customer care number of Claro, or even easier if you are not too strong with your Spanish, write them a SMS at 121 and you just type the following.

Hola, mi nombre es ________ y mi numero de telefono es __________. Quería pedir si pueden ponerme en la lista negra de las personas que no quieren recibir mensajes promocionales de Claro. Muchas gracias.

“Hey amigo, I told you I am not good with Spanish. What did you just said?”

Hello, my name is __________ and my phone number is _________. I’d like to ask you if you can put my number on your black list of people that don’t want to receive any promotional message from Claro. Thanks a lot.

Easy, isn’t it? It is, that’s the way I did and it did work. I think it takes 24-48 hrs before it takes effect, so before to write or call them again give them some time and it will work.

Will I receive at least SMS with special offers?

Any side effect? Well you won’t receive any message from Claro so it means you won’t receive any special offer neither like “HOY Triplica, Quadruplica, Quintuplica tu saldo”  that is “Today 3x, 4x, 5x of credit” or neither some special offer with Internet. Like for instance they have at times 10GB of internet for one day at 1$ usually on Thursdays and Sundays.

What if I wanted to know at least some promotions?

Well what I do I just call *121 and there is a recorded voice that will tell you (of course in Spanish) the promotion of the day.

So many good tips, uh? Well I think I deserve something from you: please share this article and I’ll be happy!

What if you have Movistar?

How to stop Movistar advertising text messages

The procedure is the same. Movistar uses also WhatsApp as communication channel. This is the way I did. As I told you in a previous post I use a doble sim phone so I can get use both Claro or Movistar. Why? As I said previously to call from a company to another is insanely crazy expensive so in a next article I will tell you what I do in order to have always “saldo” (credit to make calls) and internet on my phone spending 1/4 of the monthly plans this two company offer.

Movistar Customer Care Number is +505 8882 3611. Just add them to your contact on Whatsapp and write the same message:

Hola, mi nombre es ________ y mi numero de telefono es __________. Quería pedir si pueden ponerme en la lista negra de las personas que no quieren recibir mensajes promocionales de Movistar. Muchas gracias.

For translation, see few lines up.

Conclusion – The magic word

Easy as a piece of cake. It seems the “lista negra” expression is the magical word to make ads SMS disappear from your phone.

Thant’s all folks, hope this article helps you to get rid of this annoying advertising text messages from Claro or Movistar in Nicaragua.

PS: If you want to know how to get internet on your smartphone while travelling in Nicaragua, please read this interest post I wrote some time ago.

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Thanks Manuel I enjoyed reading your super usefull and detailed article…I was so tired to receive twenty Claro and Movistar daily messages.


…finally discovered the secret on how to stopy these super annoying messages!! Thanks Manuel for your insight.