Is nicaragua safe to travel? | Update May 2018

Are you going to Nicaragua? Really? But, “Is Nicaragua safe to travel?”

This is what many friends ask me when they hear I have been living here for the past 8 years.

I don’t blame them for their question. It’s not their fault.

You’ve either probably heard or read about it in the news.

Vacationing in many of the world’s smaller countries comes with a fair deal of risk. However, you have to remember that news these days tends to slant in the direction of negatives without offering much in the way of positives. In other words, you can go just about anywhere in the world and still be safe if you take some precautions. One such place is Nicaragua. Here is a list of ways to enjoy a holiday in this beatiful (and very safe) Central American country:

1 – Make Peace, Not War

War seems to freak out many travelers with Nicaragua on their vacation radar. Although that may seem to be a valid concern, the reality is that the Contra Conflict actually ended close to 30 years ago. In fact, if that doesn’t put your mind at ease, maybe this will…The Global Peace Index ranks Nicaragua as the 5th most peaceful country in Latin America. Is Nicaragua safe to travel then? Well, Argentina, Mexico and Brazil fell further down that very same list.



2 – Use Common Sense when you travel in Nicaragua


If you have never visited a place before, what would you normally do? For example, say you went to the nearest biggest city to where you live for the first time. You would probably do some homework on that city before you entered it. Basic information such as where the downtown is located, which routes to take to get you to where you want to go and other details would make you a bit more comfortable in a place that is new to you.

The same thing applies when visiting a foreign country. So, if you’ve never been to Nicaragua, do some homework first. (Yes get in touch with us for a consultation!)

3 – Is Nicaragua safe to Travel? There Are Some Places You’ll Want To Avoid

Just like in any city you’ve never been to, there are going to be neighborhoods that you will not want to accidently wander into. Nicaragua is no different. The cities of Leon, Granada and Managua are excellent spots to visit for a variety of reasons. But, on the other side of the coin, each of these cities have places you’ll want to steer clear of. If you travel smart, you will not only have an enjoyable vacation, your risk factors will also be reduced.

4 – Turn To Experts For Advice before you Travel to Nicaragua

There are no shortage of travel experts who can assist you in preparing for your travel experience in Nicaragua. There are many sights to see and things to experience.

Plus, relying on someone who has “been there, done that can save you the pain of getting ripped off or some other petty crime that gullible, inexperienced travelers often fall for. Nicaragua is not the kind of place where you have to have armed guards escorting you everywhere you go. But remember, you are in a foreign land. Things are different but you can still have an enjoyable stay if you just travel smart when you visit Nicaragua.

Update May 2018 – Is Nicaragua Still Safe To Travel?

You might have heard on the news all sorts of things happening in Nicaragua in the past 3 weeks. And if you are into social media there are some sketchy images of riots and incident in the country.

We must tell you that it”s true, several young ones lost their lives. But this has happenend ONLY among people who were in the riots.

What we can tell you about safety in Nicaragua at the moment? Main tourist destinations are very safe. If you go to San Juan del Sur, Granada, Ometepe it’s all safe right now. (I was personally there in the past days)

Actually you might get better rates now!

As things are changing and evolving quickly a place that is super safe today might now be tomorrow.

But don’t get too scared! Nicaragua is still a great destination for your vacation!

As we we want you to enjoy your vacation in Nicaragua we decided to open our phone lines to any of your questions and doubts, so that you can get updated informations from the ground, just before you go.

So, are you ready to Travel to Nicaragua?

Get in touch with our team of Expats living in Nicaragua and get the anwer that you need before your take off.

nicaragua safe to travel


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Hi I am considering a trip to Nicaragua in January, is everything more settled now compared to June/July?

Gerald Webb

N8caragua has returned to a calm and great place to visit. The southern areas such as “the golden triangle ” of Granada, San Juam del Sur and Ometepe were largely unaffected by the disturbances. Many of the great activities are open, ie. Masaya and Mombacho volcano and laguna de Apoyo. These areas are open and are business as usual. Managua, Leon and Matagalpa we would advise talking to your hotel for advise on where not to go, but by and large, life is slowly returning to normality.

Jodie Bakker
Jodie Bakker

Hi Gerry! I stayed with you in March. Glad to hear things are OK. I LOVED Nicaragua and want to return in the next year or two, but it’s hard to tell what’s actually happening from Canada. I’ve been thinking about all of you, and hoping you are safe. Glad to hear things are stabilizing, and I send you all my warmest wishes.


I went to Leon and did a volcanoe trek afterh looking around there for three days. Came back for a day and went back to Managua at a bus terminal of sorts and walked a great distance with my backpack before taking a cab. Had no problem at all. Is that sort of moving around still safe now?

Tara L Guglielmo
Tara L Guglielmo

My son is flying into Managua in July and going to Popouyo. Is it safe?


Thank you for this thread and to responding to seemingly everyone! I am set to travel to Nicaragua for a surf trip from June 11-21. Heading to Playa Colorado. I have been to Nicaragua before back in 2014–The only concern that I have is travel between the Managua airport and Playa Colorado. Are roads, for the most part, open and safe?