Is Nicaragua safe? (Written by a Nicaraguan resident)

Where are you going? Nicaragua? Are you crazy? Do you want to be kidnapped or find yourself in the middle of a civil war? Is Nicaragua safe?

This is what I keep hearing every time I meet a new friend back home (Italy) and I tell him that I am off to Nicaragua. I have been living here with my wife for the past several years, so I can really tell you how safe Nicaragua is, firsthand experience and not just some statistics.

What do you personally think? Is Nicaragua safe? Of course Statistic are not all, but it is interesting to know the Nicaragua ranks in the 5th place as the most peaceful country in Latin America, with the lowest murder rate in Central America and without a Bank Robbery since 2009. Moreover, please, try to remember that the War finished here over 20 years ago!

so…Is Nicaragua Safe?

As I was telling, we have been living here in Nicaragua for several years and nothing bad ever happened to us! Exactly we never have been assaulted, kidnapped or anything like that! Of course, common sense is important and you must know what to avoid enjoying at the best your vacation.

Let see few things you should not do (this apply no just to Nicaragua but to any other place you might visit):

Avoid walking alone at night, especially if your are a girl. Try to walk around with someone else when it gets dark and avoid very dark spot.

Be careful if you drive in Nicaragua. If you decide to rent a car it can be challenging at times, especially at nights when other drivers won’t lower their lights and you get few second when you drive “blind”. We own a car here, and with few precautions, we never had an accident.

Managua, Leon, Granada are beatiful cities to visit but have some sketchy neighborhood that is better to avoid, especially at night. Ask others foreigners or to the owner of your hotel where is better to do not go.

Keep a “low profile”. I personally think this is the most important thing to avoid any accidents. Shiny jewelry, fancy camera or phone, nice watch can attracts thief…and remember this is a third world country, iPhone 6 might be something normal back home but not here…

Be careful at the beautiful beach or at the Hotel where you stay. Do not leave things unattended while you go surfing, or valuable things in your (cheap) hotel rooms. Always keep an eye on what you have with you.

is nicaragua safe?

So is Nicaragua Safe?  I would say…Yes! It is so safe that many decide even to get married here with a great Destination Wedding.

So this are the guide lines we have been following in the past years…and we are still alive, safe and sound and having fun here in Nicaragua!!

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