Leon Nicaragua: Why should you visit this colonial City?

Leon Nicaragua is indeed a beautiful colonial city surrounded by Volcanos. Some Nicas (that’s how Nicaraguans called themselves) think Leon is how Managua is supposed to be if the earth quake didn’t destroyed it back in 1972, and in case another disaster occurs the Capital, Leon is going to be the next capital of Nicaragua.

I am not sure of how this information are actually true and on what are based, but I definitely think that Leon is an awesome colonial city and that you can’t miss this destination on your next trip in Nicaragua.

So, Why should Leon be my next destination in Nicaragua?

Every time I go to Leon I repeat myself that I should spend more time here and get to know better this beautiful Colonial City. In this post I want to tell you my personal reason why you cannot miss a visit to Leon:

  • Colonial Architecture in Leon Nicaragua

If you like old colonial architecture, here you will get satisfied! Leon was founded in 1524 and was the capital of Nicaragua several times, so it boast many beautiful colonial buildings, cobbled stones street and many old-colonial churches.

a view of Leon
a view of Leon

It is not surprising that Leon Nicaragua is called by Nicas “La ciudad de las Iglesias” The city of churches, with dozens of churches and the most famous of all of them is the next reason why you should visit Leon.

This is apparently the largest cathedral in Central America and definitely a must to see when you visit Leon. When I went the building was undergoing a big renovation, which makes it even nicer now with a super-shiny white facade. I recommend you to do the tour of this Cathedral and do not miss walking on the roof of it, which offers a beautiful view of all Leon Nicaragua and of the nearby Volcanos.

foto by https://www.flickr.com/photos/ericwithak/
The Cathedral Leon
  • The unique Vibe of Leon Nicaragua

Leon is Cosmopolitan, Intellectual and with an happening nightlife. This is mainly due to the fact that host National Autonomous University of Nicaragua (UNAN), founded in 1813, which is the second oldest university in Central America. So if you like to party, meet new people, and enjoy good food (who doesn’t?) Leon is the place to be !

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  • Activities in and around Leon

In Leon Nicaragua, both in the city and nearby, there are as many activities as you want, and of all kind, If you are the kind of traveler that always need to be active and doing something (like me), Leon can keep you occupied for several weeks. This are just few of these activities/places near the City of Leon:

    • Poneloya and Las Peñitas beach: around 20 km out of Leon are situated these two nice pacific beaches. They are not famous as San Juan del Sur but still very attractive. Me and a groups of friends we had a blast spending few days at Playas Las Peñitas when we stayed at Barca de Oro (they serve some awesome seafood prepared by a French Chef!). From Poneloya and Las Peñitas beach, you can make a Tour in the Juan Venado Island where we actually got to see some typical Nicaraguan Fauna.
Reserva Juan Venado
Reserva Juan Venado
    • Volcano boarding: As I wrote before, Leon is surrounded by Volcanos and in one of them, Cerro Negro you could practice something, so unique that attracts travelers from the entire globe which is: Volcano Boarding, something unforgettable. In Volcano Boarding  you get the adrenaline rush of descending at almost 70 km per hours on the side of an active volcano.
Volcaon Boarding
Volcaon Boarding
    •  Flor de Caña Factory: Not too far from Leon Nicaragua (in Chichigalpa) is located the Flor de Caña Factory. Flor de Caña is a worldly famous rum that offers special tour in the factory where of course you get to taste this old aged rum.
Flor de Caña
Flor de Caña

What do you think? Enough reasons to visit Leon Nicaragua? Have you been there? Please feel free to drop you comment and suggestion about things to do in Leon !

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