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Is Nicaragua safe? (Written by a Nicaraguan resident)

Where are you going? Nicaragua? Are you crazy? Do you want to be kidnapped or find yourself in the middle of a civil war? Is Nicaragua safe?

This is what I keep hearing every time I meet a new friend back home (Italy) and I tell him that I am off to Nicaragua. I have been living here with my wife for the past several years, so I can really tell you how safe Nicaragua is, firsthand experience and not just some statistics. Read More

Playa Amarillo: one of the best beach in Nicaragua

Playa Amarillo, one of the many, beautiful, pristine, and almost unknown beaches of Nicaragua. I’ve been there few times, it’s a magic place that must be visited before someone buys it and becomes one of the many gated communities that are building along the pacific coast.

This guest post has been written by Elisa, a friend of us who has been living in Nicaragua for few months, right now she is back home but she is planning to come back again. Enjoy the reading!

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