Playa Amarillo: one of the best beach in Nicaragua

Playa Amarillo, one of the many, beautiful, pristine, and almost unknown beaches of Nicaragua. I’ve been there few times, it’s a magic place that must be visited before someone buys it and becomes one of the many gated communities that are building along the pacific coast.

This guest post has been written by Elisa, a friend of us who has been living in Nicaragua for few months, right now she is back home but she is planning to come back again. Enjoy the reading!

Looking for the ideal pristine beach

When I chose Nicaragua for a break from my western life, I was always thinking about its wonderful beaches. In Nicaragua I saw for the first time the ocean and the first impression was greatness, majesty … and surf even if I am surely not a sporty one!

I am an adventurous kind of girl, and my ideal beach, the one of my dreams and the one I wanted to find, was basically a beach without a living being. Deserted. Beautiful being naked, adorned only by natural frills, few branches of trees, shells dragging from the sea and the green and blue in thousands of variations in the ocean.

There is a beach like that. Some tourists know Playa El Gigante, which is very attractive for surfers because of its waves. Right next door, there is my little gem: Playa Amarillo. Kilometers of beach and nothing else.

Playa Amarillo Nicaragua

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How to get to Playa Amarillo

If you have your own transportation is not difficult to get to Playa Amarillo. From Managua you should go towards Rivas and from Rivas, keep going towards Tola. It’s about 20 km away. Once in Tola, turn left towards El Gigante. Another 18 kilometers, which has 10 km roads that are unpaved, and you will arrive at the village El Gigante. Just before the village starts you have to turn right to Playa Amarillo. One more kilometer and you’ll get there.

Playa Amarillo Map

There is a very tiny hill you’ll climb at the entrance of Playa Amarillo, just keep going until you see your perfect spot maybe under some trees overlooking the ocean. I stopped by these trees, and my dreams came true: relaxing in solitude a magnificent scenery, under the shade of the trees, and the sound of the crushing waves. As I said, Playa Amarillo doesn’t have any structure so bring with you all you need, find your spot and just enjoy the ocean, the midday sun won’t disturb your peace, and a dip into the ocean will mitigate your temperature.

I was there with a friend with a motorcycle and it was really an awesome trip. Here it’s a picture of us while we were on the beach.

Elisa at Playa Amarillo

Where to eat in Playa Amarillo

If you want a break from the beach, El Gigante town is just 10 minutes walking so you can easily find some places to eat there. There is a cozy local restaurant that offers fresh fish at a great price. But not just that. The view you can enjoy looking out to the terrace is breathtaking.

Amarillo Beach Nicaragua

Surf at Playa Amarillo

As I said, I’m not too a surfer guru, but I know Playa Amarillo is a good beach break. Actually I saw some of the surf guys coming with their board from El Gigante and other places to surf there. Is a good spot for the beginners, especially the south side of it and an uncrowded surf spot.

Playa Amarillo view

The views

Playa Amarillo has amazing views, a long pristine beach with basically no one around. I couldn’t stop staring at this wonder of creation combining rock, beach and ocean. I was spellbound, watching endlessly the beauty of an infinite landscape that can be enjoyed only in silence.

Before leaving of course, you cannot miss the sunset on the ocean. Ten minutes in which you can see the sky getting red, orange and pink mixed together. A picture in my mind that will never be deleted.

Here is a video of the beach at the sunset at the northern end of the beach that remind me the calmness and magic of this place.

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