Top 5 Beaches in Nicaragua

Nicaragua boast hundreds of miles of beautiful beaches both on the Pacific and the Caribbean Coast and although we have seen many of them, it is not an easy task to pick the Top 5 beaches in Nicaragua.   We will try to list our Top 5 Beaches, but probably they will become more as we keep discovering beautiful and uncrowded beaches.

El Coco Beach

Located 25 minutes south of San Juan del Sur, this has always had a place in the top 5 beaches in Nicaragua.

Top 5 Beaches in Nicaragua
El Coco Beach

Water is often very calm and clear and the sand is particularly white. The beach stretch for almost two miles and is possible to do excursion on horseback, bicycle or just relax in one of the small restaurant nearby the beach.                   One of the thing we enjoyed more on El Coco Beach is to watch when they release turtles or when turtles come to nest on the beach.  One special moment we enjoyed on this beach was when, during the same day, we saw dolphins (yeah, they were actually swimming with us..!) and few hours later whales pass not far from the beach.

San Juan del Sur Beach

Maybe not one of the more spectacular but we definitely love to spend some hours on this beach. It has a perfect half-moon shape and surrounded by mountains, and the best view can be appreciated from one of the nearby hills.

Top 5 Beaches in Nicaragua- San Juan del Sur
San Juan del Sur

We enjoy going to this beach especially in late afternoon. At this time, in fact, many young locals get to the beach to play football and they welcome foreigners to play with them, and we can tell you…there are some good kids playing on this beach.

After playing, we always like to get a drink on the many bar located right on the beach or even enjoy dinner while you watch the sun set on this beautiful bay.

Madera Beach

You cannot miss this beach if you are a surfer or even if you are learning how to surf.

It is located few miles north of San Juan del Sur and it has become rapidly the surf mecca of all the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua.  Apart from surfing, you can also eat in one of the restaurant and there are some lodging options right on the beach and even a camping area for real adventurous surfers.

Top 5 Beaches in Nicaragua - Surfer at Madera Beach
Madera Beach

Corn Island

It has been hard to pick the best beach on this two small and beautiful Caribbean IslandLittle and Big Corn Island are simply amazing, with white sandy beaches surrounded by palm tree and some awesome spots for scuba diving where you can get to see some Coral Reef.

Top 5 Beaches of Nicaragua
Small Corn Island

Our suggestion is to not miss Little Corn Island, it is a bit complicated (and sometimes rough as last time we went there due to strong wind and big waves) to get there but you will be rewarded by empty beaches and some unforgettable moments.

 Playa Hermosa

Although we do not like much the idea to pay to go the beach, we finally decided to go and check out this “new” beach.

Top 5 Beaches in Nicaragua
Playa Hermosa

Well…of course the beach has always been there…what is new is the 2 miles road through the jungle (were often we have seen some beautiful birds and monkeys) that gets you to this stunning beach. Playa Hermosa is huge, and they recently have opened a Surf Camp, a nice small restaurant where they offer surfboard renting, horse riding and other activities.

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Protect from the Sun on the Best Beaches of Nicaragua

Sun in Nicaragua is always shunning, but it’s very strong as well. I have seen so many people getting sun burnt, that I have decided “this won’t happen to me”. I don’t want to be another “gringo asado” as locals call white skin people after a day of sun baking, literaly means “grilled gringo”.

That is why, even if is not that cool, I always use sunscreen nd make sure to wear a proper anti UV T-Shirt when I’m in the water.


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As we mentioned this is just a small selection of the many awesome beaches of Nicaragua, so stay tuned we will soon do the Top 10 Beaches of Nicaragua…

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