News: ISA World Surfing Games 2015

For the fourth consecutive year the 2015 ISA World Surfing Games will be held in Nicaragua for an event that will gather athletes and surfer from over 25 countries, and it’s on right now!

The World Surfing Games 2015 (May 31 to June 7) will be held in the beautiful Surf Spot of Popoyo, one of the many surf spot of the Pacific Coast of this country, richly blessed with a constant swell and many days of Off-Shore wind.

Surf Nicaragua Beach

Popoyo is located in the small Municipality of Tola which is just two hours from the capital, Managua and is easily accessible to all the tourist and surfers that will gather on the coast for this week full of adrenalin, fun, sport and parties.

The many athletes they will compete to win the Individual Gold Medals in Open Men’s and Open Women’s.  The 2015 ISA World Surfing Games it is just the last of many surf competition that have been held in Nicaragua during the past years. In 2014 in Granada and La Boquita was held the ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship, in 2013 was the time of the ISA World Junior Surfing Championship that went on in Playa Jiquiliste and back in 2012 the ISA World Masters Surfing Championship was hosted in the famous surf spot of Playa Colorado.

Surf Spot NicaraguaThis is enough to remind us that the surf in Nicaragua is great and relatively still uncrowded…so surfers hurry up, here you can find empty spot, beautiful and uncrowded beaches like it was Costa Rica 20 years ago.

Surfing has also been very beneficial for Nicaragua’s economy, in fact represent the mayor source of travel and tourism for the country.

Popyo is just one of the many World Class Surf Break for which Nicaragua is famous and that all located in the Pacific Coast.



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