Read This If You Want To Go On Your First Trip Alone

There comes a time in your life when you want to stop traveling with company and travel solo. However, when you are testing those waters for the first time, you may be overwhelmed with worries and questions.

You need to analyze traveling alone the same way you would take alcohol or drug addiction seriously. The same way you would check into the recovery village palmer lake to get the help you need. You need to consider where you want to go and how to break the news to your friends and family and you also need to book everything in advance. Here are tips that will help you out:

Decide on Your Destination

When it comes to your first solo trip, you need to make sure that the experience is memorable. This has a lot to do with your destination. Since you are finally stepping out of your comfort zone, you need to make sure that your first destination is comfortable.

You can decide to go back to a destination you have been with your family or friends, or you can choose to go to a new destination such as Nicaragua. Just make sure you are mentally, physically and emotionally prepared to stretch your boundaries from what you were used to.

Convince Your Family and Friend to Let You Travel Alone

your first trip alone

One of the challenges you will face is wary parents and friends who are not comfortable with having you travel alone. If you want to facethem, you need to come up with a solid and impressive plan. Be prepared to answer all sorts of questions.

You will be asked questions like where you’re going? How long you plan to be there? What you plan to do? Where will you be staying? And a lot more questions. Failing to answer them confidently with trigger their worries and they will be opposed to letting you travel alone.

Plan Ahead

You need to make sure you know how to get there and where you will be staying before planning your first solo travel. If you are traveling for the first time, Google is your best friend. Make sure you do all the research you need.

Plan ahead and make sure that you arrive at your destination early since you have never been there and you don’t want surprises. Also, make sure you book a place to stay so that you are not left wandering around unfamiliar places with your luggage.

Based on your budget browse destinations and accommodation on travel apples like trip advisor and hotel or air B&B sites. Make sure the places you are safe and comfortable. If this is your first solo trip, it would be wise opt for family-runB&Bs or guesthouses. They are much more reliable.

Pack Wisely

how to travel alone

The last thing you need is failing to pack everything you need. Based on the place you decide to go and the activities you plan to partake make sure you do your research well and know the essentials to pack.

For example, if you plan to be lugging with your stuff then a simple backpack is your best option, and that also means that you need to pack lightly. For safety, purpose avoids carrying your valuables around. If you will be staying in the same accommodation, then a suitcase is your option. However, you also have to bring a small bag for your errands. Failing the essentials can ruin your trip. Here are some of the travel must-haves:

Hard Case Suitcase

If your travel is a combination of many adventures where you have to keep moving from one place to the other, or change hotels almost every day, you need to bring a hard-shell suitcase. The suitcase should contain all your footwear, clothes, and other stuff you’ll need. The suitcase will assure you that your stuff will not be in trouble if mishandled while in transit or when it rains.


backpack for solo trip

Apart from your suitcase, always make sure you carry a versatile backpack to carry your small laptop, medicines, other essentials, and clothing for at least two days and undergarments. A backpack comes in handy in case your luggage turns out missing or lost. Besides, if you plan to go on many adventures, you will have to leave your suitcase behind and just bring your backpack.

Medium Size Camera Bag

The epitome of a trip is the memories made and captured. In most cases, you will want to bring your camera along. Therefore, you need a beautiful medium sized camera bag that is not hectic to carry and will contain your camera, battery charger, extra lens, phone charger, and tablet. You can also put documents like passports and Ids in the bag.


Scarves are some of the traveling accessories you can’t afford to leave behind. It always comes as multiple accessories for most people. You can use it as a shower towel when you don’t want to use the hotel’s towel, or use it to keep you warm when it’s cold. You can also use it to cover your camera.

Medicine Kit

medicine kit for solo travel

When you are traveling, a medicine kit is essential. If you take some medicines for underlying conditions, then you need a kit with all the drugs and stuff you need. Sometimes, we eat in foreign places and develop stomach problems later.

Make sure you carry a medicine kit with anti-allergies, paracetamols, large patched bandages, loperamide, anti-itch oils and allergy drops. Don’t also forget to bring vitamins you need to stay healthy while traveling and a few sachets of hydrite.


When it comes to garments, use your own judgment to decide what you’ll really need depends on where your trip is. However, always bring at least a pair of pants that can pass for an official or business look and can also be paired with multi-purpose shoes. Also, pack a swimwear if you intend to go swimming.

Anti-Bacterial Wet Wipes

While traveling, you will touch a lot of germs that can make you sick or have stomach issues. Carry anti-bacterial wipes with you to make sure you always sanitize after coming to contact with things.

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